Real-time Interactive Sound Installation

Commisioned by Antalya Architecture Biennale 2013


In his concept of “absolute space”, Plato considers space as an enclosure which surrounds the objects. This enclosure doesn’t have any relationship with the objects it contains. It is autonomous and constant. We can claim that conventional conception of space has roots in this thought. However, space is inseperable from time. Time contains all movements that take place in space which create continuous differentiations. Memory of the space contains these differentiations. Thus, the space exists as a wholeness of the objects, movements, differentiations that take place inside of it. This wholeness continuously creates differentiations with each movement, each emergence, each new situation. Space evolves and becomes another space with each and every movement inside.

This project aims to be the expression of this ontology of space. It points at and shows the differentiations which takes place inside the space through the medium of a sound installation. The space is continuously tracked by a camera. The differentiations in the space is interpreted into audio outcomes. A sound, which was not inside the space before, is produced and given to the space. The most important differentiation in space is created by the moving objects, in this case the visitors. As the visitors move inside the space, the sound of the space alters to their coordinate, behaviour and number. In each movement, the space becomes another space, so does the sound. The sound and the space is continuously reproduced over and over again.

Collaboration with Nil Aynali, Stefan Kuzaj